Intermodal container handling

Punctuality, increased safety and reduced operating times.

Time is an essential component of the supply chain, gained through the efficiency of our processes and our commitment to being a profitable part of the chain, for you.

We load and unload intermodal containers from trains with the help of two reach stacker units, which can handle 20`, 40` shipping containers, 45` continental containers, semi-trailers, movable boxes and ISO containers.

Before arrival at the terminal, the units go through our digital booking process, having precisely established the details of unloading or loading and the destination. We made sure that this is a smooth process for both the operator and the driver who delivers or takes over the intermodal unit, and the goods are unloaded safely with the help of high-performance equipment.

Operational efficiency

The two reach stacker units can quickly load or unload intermodal units, placing them in the non-stop guarded storage area, which provides power supply facilities, or loading them into wagons with various destinations.

The activity takes place on a newly built platform and 4 loading lines with a length of 350 m. The documentation related to customs services or dispatch and takeover of units is done in the terminal, which contributes to short operating times and streamlines the supply process.

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Facilities for efficient logistics operations

Customs Rail operations

Top quality equipment

24/7 monitoring and patrols

Offices for operational staff

Silos and storage platforms

Digitized system

Compatibility with various types of semi trailers

Last-mile operators

Customs services

Through our partners, we provide you with the full range of customs services, whether we’re talking about import/export from non-EU countries, TIR cards, transport documents, entry summary declaration, Intrastat or other operations necessary for traffic of goods in Europe.

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