Lorry parking

Secure access and parking for road transportation vehicles.

Arad South Terminal hosts a concrete platform for access and parking of road transportation vehicles, with vast capacity to park semi-trailers and trucks.

We pay attention to our partners’ needs and perfect each step in the transitional process, from road to rail. The terminal’s parking lot offers numerous facilities, both for the transport operators and for the truck drivers who deliver the units.

Access to the terminal is easy, aided by convenient positioning and signaling of the terminal, through a two-lane access road. At check-in and check-out there is a check-in and check-out system that manages the processes and delivers the loading or unloading details.

Safe and attractive conditions

During the stay in the terminal, the trucks are constantly guarded and supervised, and the drivers have many advantages:

  • Bathroom, wi-fi network, coffee shop and snacks
  • Available electricity 
  • Video surveillance and security guards

The companies that transport the units can constantly communicate with the terminal to check the availability for parking and the status of parked trucks.

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Facilities for efficient logistics operations

Customs Rail operations

Top quality equipment

24/7 monitoring and patrols

Offices for operational staff

Silos and storage platforms

Digitized system

Compatibility with various types of semi trailers

Last-mile operators

Customs services

Through our partners, we provide you with the full range of customs services, whether we’re talking about import/export from non-EU countries, TIR cards, transport documents, entry summary declaration, Intrastat or other operations necessary for traffic of goods in Europe.

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