Goods handling

An operational partner in the process of transporting goods.

Arad South Terminal ensures the fast transhipment and safe storage of containerized, palletized or bulk goods.

Before heading to major European ports or rail destinations and beyond, your goods will be stored safely on the terminal’s platform, in closed warehouses or silos, where they are monitored and guarded 24 hours a day.

Manipulare marfuri in terminal

The goods are transported by means of forklifts, reach stackers or special grain loaders from the terminal’s equipment, based on a prior appointment, which is established together with customers and operators, depending on the train’s schedule.

Secure storage, reliable services

The terminal provides excellent storage conditions throughout the period of stay in the terminal, both for palletized goods and standard containers, as well as temperature-controlled containers, in order to ensure the maintenance of the refrigeration chain, as follows:

  • power supply for refrigerated containers
  • checking the integrity of goods during transhipment
  • indoor storage

Trust us with the transport, transfer or storage of perishable or non-perishable goods and you will gain a stable partner, attentive to your goods and efficiency needs.

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Facilities for efficient logistics operations

Customs Rail operations

Top quality equipment

24/7 monitoring and patrols

Offices for operational staff

Silos and storage platforms

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Compatibility with various types of semi trailers

Last-mile operators

Customs services

Through our partners, we provide you with the full range of customs services, whether we’re talking about import/export from non-EU countries, TIR cards, transport documents, entry summary declaration, Intrastat or other operations necessary for traffic of goods in Europe.

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